SAP Business One CD Box


The SAP B1 for Blind Add-on makes all the functions of SAP Business One ERP system accessible for blind people. With its help business owners can manage their company on their own who else were depending on others due to their blindness. It empowers companies to employ blind people in jobs the couldn’t fill in before.

The SAP B1 for Blind Add-on not just reads out the forms of SAP Business One, but with its unique functionality it enables users to work effectively and independently. With the support of the Add-on visually impaired users can get a quick overview of the information important to them in the given situation, avoiding wasting time on irrelevant information.

Fully functional

Each and every function of SAP Business one is supported: menu management, navigation in the windows, system message management.


The Add-on can cooperate with popular screen reader applications like Jaws for Windows or NVDA.


You can customize the SAP B1 for Blind Add-on to fit your work style for maximal efficiency.


The SAP B1 for Blind Add-on supports the multlingual user interface of SAP Business One, so it always operates according to the actual language settings.


Ten – freely definable – read out patterns per window ensures fast overview in every situation.


When designing the user interface of the SAP B1 for Blind Add-on we kept focus on usage patterns of blind people, so learning to use the solution is easy and fast.